Let's Create Your Dream Edible Landscape & Garden

Tired of Caring for Grass that Never Loves You Back?

Let's fix that by producing high-quality food right outside of your window. As a landscape designer and horticulture tech, my goal is to create a functional and beautiful outdoor space that meets the unique needs and preferences of each client. Designing an edible garden is a wonderful way to add beauty and functionality to any landscape.

My services begin with a comprehensive site analysis to evaluate the existing soil, sunlight, and other factors that impact plant growth. From there, I work closely with each client to create a customized garden design that maximizes available space and incorporates a variety of edible plants, such as raised beds, fruit trees, and perennial herbs. I also consider factors such as irrigation, soil health, and pest management to ensure a successful and sustainable garden. Whether you're looking for a small herb garden or a large-scale vegetable patch, I can help bring your vision to life with an edible garden design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for everyday use.

How The Proccess Works


I will send you a questionnaire & ask a few questions to understand your vision and needs.


Game Plan
I will provide you my quote and a brief idea of what my game plan is to transform your landscape.


I will create a comprehensive design based upon your property blueprint & needs.


At this phase, we will make any modification that you may see fit to your design to make it perfect.


I will provide you with a list of vendors that provides installation services and materials in your area.

Choose Your Edible Landscape Design Package

Option 1: Starter Package

Ideal for those who need general guidance on what to plant.

Option 2: Abundance Package

Great for anyone who

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